Birthing Pool Hire

Is birth pool in a box the right birth pool for me?

Inflatable birth pool in a box pools have been used for thousands of labours and births in Europe. The Regular and Mini pools have been available since December 2005, and were designed and built with the help of midwives and mothers in focus groups. The new pools represent a new generation of birth pool in a box. The results are robust, safe, comfortable and hygienic birth pools for use at home or in hospital.

Hire Package £50

  • Pool
  • Electric pump inflation/deflation
  • Electric pump (emptying pump)
  • Heat cover

Purchase your Complete Essentials Kit £60

  • Pool Liner
  • 10m Hose
  • FloorCover
  • Non-Slip Mat
  • Mirror
  • Thermometer
  • Tap Connectors
  • Strainer

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Other comments

The pool and any returnable items must be used as specified & returned to us in a clean, dry condition. A cleaning charge will be applied if the kit is returned to us in need of intensive cleaning.  The use and care of this hire kit is your responsibility. tummy2mummy  take no responsibility for damage caused by misuse. All damages are chargeable at full R.R.P.