Meet the team

Tummy2mummy was founded in 2009 when midwives Donna Grant and Liz Yates opened the clinic after both working in Maternity hospitals and community areas for many years. In 2011 they took over Face2Face Baby Scans to work alongside and enhance Tummy2mummy and now offer a comprehensive scanning service. In 2013 Liz decided reduce her working hours and Donna took sole ownership of Tummy2mummy (Liz will remain part of the Tummy2mummy team) Also in 2013 Tummy2mummy was successful in securing the contract to provide the Antenatal/Parent craft sessions at the Leicester Maternity Hospitals. We now have 4 Clinics providing ultrasound and Midwifery Services in Hinckley, Coventry, Rugby and Leamington Spa.

Why choose us?

What makes our clinic different to any other?

Some companies claim that they are trained by simply learning how to use the machine! The physics of scanning are serious and not to be taken lightly there are safety guidelines to understand and follow. The training process is intense with complexed physiology studied. These companies advertise as non clinical / non diagnostic clinics.

#We at Tummy2mummy are a professional Team, all our staff are Health care professionals, Our Midwives and Sonographers hold recognised medical qualifications, requiring regulated and updated practice. It is a legal requirement to keep our registration that we have continued study to remain updated. We have experience working in the maternity services having links and good relations with the surrounding maternity units.

# Although our scans are performed for reassurance purposes our Sonographers are medical trained following the correct safety guidelines and able to recognise the abnormal and aware of the referral process, if any problems were detected.

# Our anomaly scans are performed by specialist Midwife Sonographer’s that work in the NHS scan departments

# During your scan you will have the opportunity for discussion regards maternity issues as we are all experienced in the services will be giving you the correct regulated, researched information.

#Our Parentcraft services are performed by qualified experienced Midwives, Maternity care assistants, Natal hypno birthing trained staff, all the staff teaching our classes have updated experience working in the maternity services.

*Don’t put you or your baby at risk stick with the professionals!

The service provided will enhance a women’s midwifery care and can work alongside the local hospital, GP and Community midwives service. Routine scans, antenatal and postnatal appointments within the NHS system will still be available to you.

Midwifery is one of the most regulated professions in the UK, and this is the same whether we practice independently or within the NHS. All midwives, independent or NHS based, are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, which is our governing body and are bound by The Midwives Rules and Standards, and The Code of Professional Conduct which ensures that we practice in a safe and professional manner. We will remain updated with current research based practice.

We are insured with the Royal College of Nursing for our antenatal and postnatal services.

Holding public liability insurance with AXA

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Our clinics are purposed built in Hinckley, Coventry and Leamington Spa all in a comfortable setting. We have wheelchair access and have car parking facilities either provided by Tummy2Mummy or close by to all clinics.

A £20 deposit is taken for all our 30 min appointments and £40 for our 1 hour 3d/4d scan appointments. The remaining balance is then paid by cash at the time of the appointment. Cancellation of appointments 48 hours before your appointment you will receive a refund of your deposit minus a £5 administration fee. Any cancellations less than 48 hours prior to your appointment will loose the full deposit amount.

Full Payment for any classes will be taken at the time of booking. Cancellations 2 weeks prior to the class will receive refund of course minus £10 administration fee. Any cancellations less than 2 weeks before the course will loose full payment.

It is our intention to portray a homely relaxed atmosphere during your appointments.

Our philosophy is based on a commitment to pregnancy and birth as a normal life event; we are absolutely committed to recognising and respecting the rights and wishes of the individual woman and her family. A woman’s right of choice is at the very heart of our professional ethos.

We would like to thank Rebecca Dawes for our photo shoot, we had great fun

Together with our experience, together with our passion, together we can make this journey a gift of life