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New 4D baby scanning technology ‘HD Live’! We are proud and excited to announce the arrival of the latest, state-of-the-art high resolution 4D ultrasound machine This new scanner is equipped with the very latest advancements in ultrasound scanning including SonoAVC follicle tracking software for automated volume counting, and the amazing HD Live 4D scan rendering. This ingenious piece of technology creates even more realistic images of babies in the womb by combining a new surface rendering technique for smoother skin appearance, with a moveable 'light source' to enable the best 4D baby scan images you will ever see. The machine will be used by our qualified health professionals for all routine pregnancy and gynaecology scans. The addition of this machine ensures tummy2mummy remains at the very cutting edge of ultrasound technology.

Our baby scanning services offer and provide reassurance and bonding in a 2d image from as early as 7 weeks pregnant, find out if your baby is a Boy or Girl from 15 weeks and have general reassurance throughout your pregnancy.

You will be offered an ultrasound booking scan at your chosen hospital, they range between 12 to 16 weeks gestation, and then at about 20 to 23 weeks a scan to check for spina bifida and other possible abnormalities, a look in detail at your baby’s major organs and skeleton, check the health of your placenta and monitor your baby’s growth. A private scan is not to replace your hospital scans but to enhance them. Some people like to have the extra reassurance.

Our clinic is fully equipped with state of the art facilities including flat screen TV and projectors to allow you and your invited guests to watch your scan in modern, comfortable unhurried surroundings with a personal emphasis.
Our aim is to treat each woman as an individual and to make their scan a reassuring, relaxing and positive experience.

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NEW HD Live Scan Video at Hinckley

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