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Hi there, we both just wanted to say thanks ever so much to you both for today & last week, it really is nice to know there are some people genuinely interested in my (or should I say our ) welfare and well being.
If I had to have waited till the 7th Jan for the reassurance scan, I doubt I’d still be sane (that’s if I ever was lol).
Your service and kindness has been beyond the level of care we expected!

Thank you so much!!

Lorna Powell

Is a Fetal Anomaly scan accurate?

pic_detailedanatThis ultrasound scan is very accurate but unfortunately it cannot diagnose 100% of congenital abnormalities. The only way to know for certain if  your baby has a chromosomal problem is to have a CVS or amniocentesis, these are invasive procedures and are performed at your chosen Maternity hospital.

If any abnormalities are detected the significance of the findings will be discussed and you will be given a letter of referral and a clinical report.

The following table lists different types of birth defects and how likely scanning is to identify each problem during pregnancy:


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