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I first joined aquanatal when I was approx 17 weeks pregnant right through to being full term. I can not recommend it highly enough! It wasn’t just an opportunity to get some exercise whilst pregnant, that I knew was safe to do during pregnancy, but also a chance to meet other mums to be (many of whom I am still firm friends with).
At the end of each session Donna runs a parentcraft session and you also get the opportunity to ask the instructor, Donna, who is also a qualified midwife, questions regarding your pregnancy. I found the whole experience invaluable! A chance to meet other people & share stories, ask Donna questions, whilst getting some exercise! Thank you so much Donna for all your help & advice!

Caron X

What to expect at your gender scan?

We perform gender scans from 15 weeks onwards. The gender scan costs £60 we allow 30 minutes appointment. As long as baby is in the right position, it only really takes five minutes to check the sex, so you spend the rest of the scan having a good look at baby in 2D or 3D ultrasound.

genderscanpicYou will receive 2 pictures to take home with you and can purchase more 2 x 2d £5 , 1 x 3d £5 or 3 x 3d for £10.

You can add a DVD of the whole scan and 2 extra photos for £20

It is a good idea to drink a small fizzy drink about half an hour before the gender scan, as it tends to wake baby up and get him/her moving around so that if baby is not in the right position, it will be more likely to move into the right position.

Sometimes due to very difficult positions and other factors that can not be in our control the scans are compromised but we work hard for you to get it right ! We therefore can not guarantee 100% the gender of baby but our skilled sonographers do not send you away until we are 99% sure! Our success rate is very high over 97% with many years and 1000s of babies scanned.

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