Midwifery Services

30 mins

Single antenatal appointment

Your appointment will be in a relaxed atmosphere with refreshments. It will include a full well being check for you and your baby.
Mum: Blood pressure, urine analysis, uterine growth measurements and general well being.
Baby: Fetal heart, growth measurements, presentation. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

30 mins

Pre-conception advice and guidance

Your appointment will be in a relaxed atmosphere with refreshments. It will include a discussion regards to your personal circumstances and well being. You will be offered a basic health check (Blood pressure and urine analysis).

We will support and advice you to ensure you are at an optimal health for the conception, pregnancy and birth of your baby.

15 mins

Positive Pregnancy Testing

15 min appointment testing for positive pregnancy and brief consultation

We will conduct a urine based pregnancy test, giving you the results immediately.

Included in the appointment will be a brief consultation for a question/answer opportunity.

Our scan packages

Carried out by professional sonographers

45 Mins

Birth plan discussion and antenatal appointment

The appointment will include a full antenatal check for you and your baby. Refreshments will be included.

You will be offered support in writing and planning your birth plan, we will support and advice you in the choices you make in a non hurried relaxed environment. You will leave feeling empowered and ready for your birth experience.

Call us to book on 07805 285 604 or email us and we will call you back
We ask for payment at the time of booking.



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45 mins

Membrane sweep with antenatal appointment

The appointment will include a full antenatal check for you and the baby. Sweeping of membranes is a safe method to reduce the length of term in pregnancy and the incidence of prolonged gestation in a low-risk population. There is no evidence that sweeping the membranes increases the risk of maternal or neonatal adverse outcomes. The procedure has been evidenced that performed within the term (37-41 weeks) stage of pregnancy is safe. However tummy2mummy prefer to perform the sweeps at the earliest 39 weeks as evidence has shown it be more successful at the later stage.

A membrane sweep involves an internal vaginal examination. The midwife will place a finger just inside your cervix and, making a circular sweeping movement, will attempt to separate the membranes from the cervix. This will stimulate the release of hormones that may start contractions. It may be uncomfortable but should not cause actual pain; you may also experience a mucus/bloodstained ‘show’ like a discharge, following this, which is quite normal. Following the examination you will be offered refreshments and the opportunity to discuss the findings.

15 mins

Group B Steptococcus (GBS) Screening

Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a normal bacterium which colonises up to 30% of adults in the UK, without symptoms or side-effects. GBS can cause infection, most commonly in newborn babies before, during or shortly after birth.

GBS can more rarely cause infection in adults (typically women during pregnancy or after birth, the elderly and people with serious underlying medical conditions which impair their immune system). Women are not offered routine GBS screening within the NHS.

At the appointment we will perform the procedure using the Enriched Culture Medium (ECM) testing. When the test is completed we will send off to the laboratory for the test to be completed. You will receive the results within a few days by text message and in the post. go to NHS choices web site for information  for GBS and the different tests.

per visit

Postnatal visits at home

We will visit you in your home following the birth of your baby. We will offer you support and advice. We will perform a general well being check of both you and the baby. The visit will last as long as we feel is required on the individuals need.